Flywheel Release — Dominica 1

By January 11, 2017November 24th, 2021News

Dominica 1
Flywheel’s mission to create a platform that allows researchers to capture, compute, and collaborate took a large step forward with the release of Dominica 1 this month. In the release, Flywheel designed batch processing and new data management features with the primary goal of creating faster workflows and cleaning up researchers’ data.

New Features
The largest feature in this release is the ability to perform batch processing. Batch processing will allow researchers to speed up their workflows by creating a collection of data and having gears perform analyses on large datasets in the collection all at once. Allowing researchers to perform research faster. To learn more about how to perform batch processing, head to DOCS.FLYWHEEL.IO

Another new feature found in the Dominica release is the ability to archive/hide data. This new feature will allow users the opportunity to hide whole session data or single acquisitions within a given session. Being able to clean up the data based on personal needs gives users better control.

Using the new archive/hide feature with batch processing gives users complete control over what data they choose to process. Only data that isn’t archived or hidden can be a part of a collection. Using Flywheel’s enhanced search tool can help filter data for a collection based on the criteria found in users’ acquisition and session data.

Capture, Compute, and Collaborate

With Dominica 1 and batch processing, a researcher’s day-to-day life just got a little easier. Future releases of Flywheel will only build on what Dominica 1 now provides allowing researchers around the globe to capture, compute, and collaborate easier and faster. #DoScienceNotIT