Flywheel Release — Cayman

By July 11, 2016News

Flywheel launches its Cayman release and presents it to the brain mapping community at OHBM 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – July 11, 2016 – Flywheel, the scientific research software development company, announced the launch of its latest software release, Cayman, which the company recently showcased at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping’s Annual Meeting June 24-30, 2016.

Among the many features available in the Cayman release, Flywheel’s Data Studio module allows researchers to deploy scripts and algorithms using portable software containers to automate common data type conversions, conduct image quality assurance, and perform advance custom analysis operations on their data with ease.

Rainer Goebel, head of the Maastricht Brain Imaging Center (M-BIC) stated, “With the complexity of data management in MR research, Flywheel’s data and algorithm platform will greatly accelerate our research efforts and provide organizational structure to our data needs at M-BIC. We are looking forward to our future collaborations.”

“OHBM was the ideal venue for us to showcase Flywheel’s neuroimaging analysis and ad-hoc data processing package,” Imad Nijim, COO of Flywheel stated. “Having data management and code-execution on the same platform is what makes Flywheel unique, and the responses from the community has been overwhelmingly positive.”

At OHBM Flywheel was invited to present at the Editor’s Data Sharing round table, sponsored by the OHBM Committee on Best Practices in Data Analysis and Sharing (COBIDAS). The committee’s objective was to bring the community of researchers, software developers, and journal publishers together to discuss reproducibility in scientific research.

Flywheel’s next exhibition will take place at the Society for Neuroscience 2016 Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, November 12-16, 2016.